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  • Three Ways To Cut Wedding Catering Costs

    In 2014, couples spent an average of a little over $30,000 on their weddings. So, it isn't surprising to learn that planning a wedding on a strict budget is extremely stressful. The amount of money it costs to book a wedding venue and catering service, purchase your dream gown, rent a tux for your soon-to-be hubby, and order your wedding cake can be a bit nauseating. But, it is possible to plan a wedding on a small budget without making a lot of sacrifices.
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  • Is It Your Turn To Host Your Monthly Dinner Club?

    Are you part of a group of friends that meets for dinner every month? If your turn is coming up, you can follow these steps to make your event a unique one. Send Out Invitations Perhaps in the past, the folks in your group have given the information for their month online or by phone. If so, it would be a nice change for your friends to receive an actual invitation in the mail.
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  • How To Make A Small Kitchen Appear More Open

    If you love to cook, then your kitchen is likely your favorite place in the house. If you have a small area to work with, however, it can make your kitchen space appear more like a cave than your grand food preparation room. Learn a few cool ways you can make your kitchen appear more open, which gives is a larger feel. You'll enjoy your space so much more, and might even be driven to new cooking inspiration!
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