How To Make A Small Kitchen Appear More Open

Posted on: 27 January 2015

If you love to cook, then your kitchen is likely your favorite place in the house. If you have a small area to work with, however, it can make your kitchen space appear more like a cave than your grand food preparation room. Learn a few cool ways you can make your kitchen appear more open, which gives is a larger feel. You'll enjoy your space so much more, and might even be driven to new cooking inspiration!

Eliminate window treatments

If your kitchen is tiny, then your window is the best accessory in the room to help make it appear brighter and larger. Get rid of window treatments, even tiny ones that just border your curtain rod. You want your window to be easily accessible and able to let any light in. This gives your kitchen space a less stuffy feel, and is a super simple way to give it the illusion of space. If you don't like the vulnerability of a bare window, consider installing light wooden blinds that you can use for privacy. Or better yet- plant a little herb garden in your window sill to help block people from being able to see into your kitchen while you cook. You can't go wrong with fresh herbs in your kitchen anyhow.

Install a skylight

Another way to let light into your kitchen is to do a skylight install. A skylight is perfect if you have a dark kitchen or low ceilings, as this small renovation gives your room a much more open and well-lit appeal. Natural light is also much easier to cook under, and helps lift your mood while you chop, saute, and boil your passion into every meal. To make your ceiling even more engaging, consider installing track lights so you can move your lights to whatever surface you are cooking on and make your kitchen feel like it is the center stage of the home.

Go with lighter decor

Lemony pastels, eggshell white, and even mint green hues look excellent in smaller kitchens and make them appear larger and brighter. If you aren't into doing a complete decor overhaul in your kitchen, do small changes that can make a huge difference. Try any of these decor change ups:

  • installing a cream and mint backsplash
  • covering dark countertops with lighter granite
  • painting one wall yellow, peach, or light green

You can make a huge difference in your kitchen by doing small things that can make it look much larger. By having a kitchen that feels more open, you can feel much more inspired to make the amazing meals you love.