Popular Protein Options In Vegetarian Sandwiches

Posted on: 9 January 2023

Most of the sandwich shops that you visit will have an extensive selection of sandwiches that feature meat. If you're looking for something different, however, it's worth seeing if there are any vegetarian sandwiches on the menu. These shops often have a handful of sandwiches that don't contain any meat, which can be appealing to those who follow plant-based diets or those who are simply looking for a change from what they usually order. Vegetarian sandwiches typically have one primary protein source per sandwich, which can help you to feel full. Here are some options you may see on the menu.

Plant-Based "Meat"

You've likely heard about plant-based meat alternatives that are on the market. Many fast food chains sell plant-based burgers, for example. You'll find plant-based "meat" sandwiches at some specialty sandwich shops. For example, some shops sell sandwiches with sliced plant-based ham. This product has the appearance and even the approximate flavor of ham, which can help to give the sandwich a familiar taste. With a dairy-free cheese product and some basic vegetables, you'll have a sandwich that is somewhat reminiscent of the ham and cheese sandwiches you've likely had in the past. 


You'll also find sandwiches that feature a piece of tofu to provide a good amount of protein. The tofu may appear in several different ways. Some sandwiches have a selection of vegetables and some tofu crumbled on top. Others will actually feature a few thick slices of tofu, which may be marinated and fried to give it a unique flavor. The slices of tofu can sometimes be reminiscent of actual meats — for example, you might find that they remind you of thick slices of chicken or turkey.

Bean Spread

When you see a selection of vegetarian sandwiches at a local sandwich shop, you can expect that at least one of them will feature a type of bean spread. Beans are a good protein source, which means that a thick layer of one of these spreads on the bun will help make the sandwich filling. Bean spreads van feature all sorts of legumes, including pinto beans, kidney beans, and more. These beans don't typically offer a lot of flavor, so they're combined with many other ingredients in the spread — examples can include garlic, lemon juice, and more. The result is a flavorful, healthy, and protein-rich addition to the sandwich. Visit a local sandwich shop to browse its selection of vegetarian sandwiches.