Transforming Your Office Break Room: Three Ways To Make The Space More Inviting

Posted on: 11 December 2018

Your office's break room is where your staff goes to get away from work, even for just 15 minutes. Making the break room more inviting is one way to show your staff just how much you care about their job satisfaction. Here are just some of the many ways you can transform your break room.

Ditch The Communal Coffee Maker

Communal coffee makers can be a source of frustration in break rooms, from someone forgetting to make a fresh pot to letting coffee get cold. Instead of the communal coffee maker, consider a single-serve brewing system. This brewing system lets your staff members brew a fresh cup whenever they want it in just a few minutes. Stock your break room with a range of different coffee pod options, including regular and decaf, and add a few flavored coffee options. These brewing systems can also be used to prepare tea, so don't forget to add a range of tea pods to the break room as well.

Add Complimentary Snacks

Instead of relying on vending machines, which your staff must pay to use, consider opting for complimentary snacks instead, Work with a vendor to supply regular deliveries of chips, cookies, crackers, and juices, and look for a fun way to display these items. Baskets filled with snacks can add a more welcoming look to the break room. Stock the fridge with cold beverages, or invest in a beverage cooler to keep the office fridge free for staff lunches. Adding microwaveable soups to the snack offering gives staff a convenient way to have a quick lunch without having to leave the building.

Switch Up The Seating Arrangements

Once you've set up beverages and snack options for the break room, take a look at the furnishings in the room. Instead of traditional tables and chairs, consider adding new plush furniture to the room. Sofas and coffee tables provide cozy places for staff to sit and share a snack and conversation, while booth-style seating brings more of a restaurant feel to the room. Outfit each table with condiments, coffee creamers, and sugar packets so staff have easy access to all the items they need to customize their meals and beverages.

Making over your break room means more than just adding new furniture. Adding snacks, hot beverages, and other complimentary items, along with new furniture, can make your office break room a more exciting, inviting space for your whole staff.

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