How To Make Fried Food Healthy

Posted on: 10 February 2015

Yummm, fried food. You probably love it as much as anyone else, but you try very hard to not eat too much of it. Still, it's hard to resist. However, you may be surprised to know that you can consume fried food that is actually good for you. This article will explain some ways for you to indulge without the guilt. So, get out your frymaster, and dig in. 

Cook it Yourself

The best way for you to enjoy fried food is to prepare it yourself. This way, you have complete control over the ingredients you use. You're in complete control There's also only so many things you can make yourself, so it prevents you from over indulging. It's easy to sit at a restaurant and order 5 or 6 different fried menu items, but realistically at home, you're not going to want to take the time to cook all those things yourself.

Cook at the Right Temperature

Frying your food the right way means you need to cook at the right temperature. If your temperatures are too cool, they will soak up extra oil and be greasy. Food that's cooked too hot can break down, and the oil will gunk up and cause your food to look and taste unpleasant. It's recommended that you invest in a digital thermometer to make certain your food is cooked in the right temperature.  

Use Fresh, and Good Oil

It may be tempting to reuse oil over and over, but the more oil is exposed to heat, the easier it is to break down and release free radicals into your food. This is actually a good reason to avoid fried food from a restaurant. It's best to only reuse oil about three times, and then start fresh. You'll also want to make sure that you use oil with a higher smoke point, because it's able to better handle high temperatures and won't burn as quickly.

Cook Healthy Food 

Yes, you can fry healthy food. Try any kind of vegetable, for example. Choose fresh cuts of chicken coated lightly. Experiment and let your taste buds discover an entirely new world. Frying vegetables is also a great way to get your kids to eat healthy. Now, of course, this does not mean you should be frying vegetables every night for dinner, but the next time you get a craving for something crispy and delicious, go ahead and cook up some fried cauliflower. 

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